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Every once in a while I like to do a little research.  So today is the day!!

I am interested in what you would most like to talk about in a coaching session–for those people who never have had that experience.  What would be your dream coaching session?

For the five most helpful posts to this blog about this question, I will offer a free coaching session through Skype or on the phone (whichever you prefer).

You can send me your responses during the next 10 days . . . from January 7th to January 17th.   During the month I will choose five people and contact them to see when we can schedule a session.  Therefore, I will need a working email address.  Do not add your phone number or Skype number here  . . . . I will ask you for that through an email in the future.

For the next 10 helpful responses, I will offer you a discounted set of sessions if you wish to have the experience.   That is totally up to you!

Just a few reminders about coaching:

Coaching is an experience that provides insight, creative observation, intuitive hunches about a next step in a process.  For instance coaching might be about an impending decision, a transitional time in your life, a pending situation that needs resolution, a conflicting situation, a work plan, a strategic plan you need to formulate, an interesting set of circumstances in which you have several choices.

You can read examples of coaching sessions at www.sufial.com as well as reading about the present types of coaching I do.

Getting Projects Completed: Coaching Series

When I work with a coach, one of the most important things to remember is that they will bring a new look to what you are working on.  They will be the extra pair of eyes to help you see more angles to any project you might be trying to complete.  One of my sessions with one of my clients was about the a dissertation she was working on.  She mainly needed a coach to help her stay on task, and for those who have written dissertations or thesis projects, procrastination can be the main distraction.

It’s not only that this type of project is formidable but it takes a long time to complete.  There are all kinds of challenges that happen along the way.  Your adviser might have 20 more suggestions for you;  you might need to read more of your resources and then get lost or waylaid in the middle of another book or article.  Your life might be complicated by a job, a family and now a dissertation.  Your might have to reserve only part of your week to write and then you realize you forgot everything you read the last week.

So what’s a coach to do?   Besides waving a magic wand, the best coaches help you break down the project into manageable units.  You may have a hint about how to do this or you may simply think that plunging ahead is the best thing.   A coach can also help you manage time and put off certain other tasks that are clouding the horizon.  Or a coach might even have some tips about organizing your reading or charting of your material.

Getting projects done is an art as well as a chore.  There can be tips and encouragement you need that might come in handy.  If you have other questions about how a coach might help, let me know.  What kind of projects are we talking about:

  • long-range planning for your job;
  • starting a business
  • organizing a household
  • writing a book
  • planning your next month
  • organizing a conference
  • coordinating a team of people who have a project

And what else comes to mind?

Agile Project Management

Agile Project Management (Photo credit: VFS Digital Design)