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Alice Stefaniak is an educator, adult learning facilitator, and life coach.  She studied at DePaul University, Villanova University and received her doctorate at the University of Denver/Iliff.  

 Her dreams led her to a Ph.D. in psychology and world religions from the University of Denver/Iliff.   And recently her new-found inner work led her to a coaching certification at the University of Texas at Dallas.  This means she is a certified coach with the International Coaching Federation.

 Her life experiences led her into leadership positions, advisory and consultative arenas, and creative opportunities. Working with many mentors over the years, she has found that life is a creative symphony of challenge, adventure, and empowerment She has a clear appreciation of life and its mysteries.   

 She enjoys the intuitive challenges of decision-making, strategy creativity, body-centered focusing and transitional states of discovery.

 One of her coaching specialties is spiritual transitions.  She works with you on the deep spaces you are experiencing in life.  She has worked with people in their grateful moments, their broken dream times, and their movements in and out of spiritual practice.  She helps manage transitions into meaningful searching, death and dying,  creative expression, meditation and reflection on the moments of everyday life.

The left-hand yellow border gives you some contact information that will be helpful in setting up an appointment.   Please see www. sufial.com for information on the types of coaching packages available.

positive psychology

I am doing a life coaching program from the University of Texas at Dallas and have really enjoyed the process.  I myself have an excellent coach and that makes all the difference in learning new skills.   For those of you who have never had a life coach, it is a great experience.  What it entails is having someone to talk to about decisions, personal growth, and most of all, creating time to make life worthwhile.  I am doing this with about 12 people so far and the process has been amazingly helpful for people.

The skills I have learned so far are giving me confidence and giving me a great combination of experiences where I can even make these skills more transparent to both my clients and myself.  If you are interested in trying this, let me know and we can set up a time to give you a free demonstration.

coaching possibilities

I have a connection to people of the world in a spiritual and compassionate way.  People know, animals know, plants know and I know.  I make a difference.  I make an impact toward good.  I have made a contribution of my thoughts through media.  I have collected my dreams and insights into a legacy for future perusal.

I am a sage.

I am an artist of ideas.

I am a compiler of noticed and significant events.


I am a coach who uses these collected treasures of life experience in my work with others.

My choice of clothes, my abode, my car, my belongings reflect my choice to be sage.

I am in a relationship that keeps me centered and I am loved and love wholeheartedly.

I have a home that transcends one time and place, making me a welcome guest to many of my friends.

I have only the things that keep me healthy and wise.  I have my health and can eat well in moderation.  I enjoy a good meal with friends every week.

dreaming into a vision board

The new year is upon us and in order to make the vision board a complete experience I need some new year’s resolutions to match:

  1. To move my body into elasticity, strength, agility at least three times a week.
  2. To write in my blog as a communication of my vision, my principles of life, and my motivations at least twice a week.
  3. To be patient with my dog as she learns her new skills and to give her time to practice each day.
  4. To learn what makes me happy–authentically happy.
  5. To meditate at least three times a week.

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